ARCOTRAC 1100 & 1800

The Vietz Arcotrac is a modular tracked welding vehicle concept specially developed for pipeline construction with large pipe diameters.

Conventional tracked welding vehicles are manufactured by converting or adding to often disused side boom tracked vehicles or bulldozers whose initial machine concept never intended such use. Naturally, this results in economic disadvantages in operation as well as a functionality that falls far short of the ideal.

The Arcotrac product range, on the other hand, has been designed and further developed to ideally perform the functions of a tracked paywelder. For example, the Vietz Arcotrac range uses only one engine to move the vehicle as well as to supply the crane hydraulics and the electric generator. Conventional tracked welding vehicles are dependent on the use of a separate power generator, whose engine must be supplied separately with fuel, maintained and not least also housed.






  • Steuerung des Krans vom Fahrersitz oder optional per Fernbedienung 
  • ROPS-zertifizierte Fahrerkabine  
  • Individuell anpassbare Baugruppen (Motor/Kran/Kompressor/Generator, etc.)  
  • Kettenlaufwerk mit großer Bodenfreiheit und bis zu 30° Steigfähigkeit  
  • Gleichzeitiger Betrieb von bis zu sechs Schweißinvertern  
  • Ideal für Automatikschweißen 
  • Fernwartungstool 


  • Kompressor (2 x 150 l, 15 bar Betriebsdruck, 930 l Druckluft pro Minute) 
  • Lichtmast (LED, drehbar, pneumatisch oder manuell, bis 5 m ausfahrbar) 
  • Klimaanlage (2760 W) 
  • Rückfahrkamera 
  • Halterungen für Rohrtransport 
  • Hydraulisch betriebener Flaschenhalter (6 oder 8 Flaschen) 


In addition to the air compressor, the compressor module also contains two pressure vessels with a total volume of 300 l and connectors for pneumatically operated machines, for example an internal line-up clamp (IPC) from Vietz. The compressor delivers up to 930 l of compressed air per minute at an operating pressure of 15 bar, allowing the internal tank of an IPC to be filled quickly. The compressor is supplied with a dust protection filter, which allows operation even in environments with a high dust content in the ambient air.


Where it is necessary to illuminate the construction site, the optional lighting mast of the Vietz Arcotrac is an invaluable extension. The rotating lighting mast can be pneumatically extended to a height of 5 m and delivered with various light sources. The Vietz Arcotrac must be equipped with the compressor module to use the light mast.


The driver’s cab is ROPS-tested and equipped with a heater as standard. As an option, the cab can be equipped with an additional air conditioning system to provide the machine operator with a pleasant working environment in hot climates.


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