Our internal line-up clamps (ILC) come into operation inside pipes. Two separately controllable rings of plungers are pressed against the inner wall and position the ILC exactly in the centre between the two prealigned pipes. This ensures that both pipes to be welded have the same central axis and no offset occurs.

Our internal pneumatic line-up clamps are designed for up to two pipe sizes and can be adjusted for all wall thicknesses in accordance with API 5L. We offer special versions for pipes with wall thicknesses not meeting this standard.


ILC until 26-28"

ILC until 64"

Each ILC has a compressed air tank with a filling pressure of 16 bar. From this the plungers and the drive of the ILC, which is available from size 16 – 18″, are supplied. The self-propelled versions are equipped with a pneumatic brake for working on slopes. All of our ILC are designed to be able to pass through pipe bends with a standard radius of 40 x D (40 times outer pipe diameter) in order to reach the new end of the pipeline after welding.

The ILC is controlled by push buttons and a control linkage designed for a pipe length of 12 m. Control rods for different pipe lengths are available.

For use with orbital welding processes, we also offer internal line-up clamps with internal support of the root layer by means of copper fittings.

Internal line-up clamps are available for pipes between 6″ and 64″.


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