Our product line VFT was developed for the effective and safe welding of large format PE-pipes. Inside the ROPS-certified cabin there is a butt welding machine which can be adapted to a wide range of pipe diameters by using inserts and which naturally also includes a hydraulically driven facer in addition to the heater and slides.

The machine operator not only performs the welding, but also controls the vehicle and its functional groups.

The front boom allows the pipe to be picked up from the ground, pulled into the cabin, aligned and positioned. The welded connection leaves the cabin via the rear boom and is deposited on the ground. For optimum alignment during welding preparation, the pipe end can also be mechanically positioned here.


VFT 500

VFT 900

The pipes are held exclusively by the machine for welding. Pipe stands or costly support systems are no longer necessary. The alignment of the pipes is continuously hydraulic, which accelerates the welding preparation and reduces the effort for facing.

In welding operation, the machine stands on its crawler track with low ground contact pressure. To connect the next pipe, the machine operator moves the machine forward to the next connection point.

The diesel engine of the VFT drives the hydraulic and electrical components of the machine. AC voltage is available in the cabin for auxiliary applications. The cabin is equipped with air conditioning and radio as standard.

As an option, we supply the butt welder of the PE tracked welding vehicle with a data logger for the documentation of properly performed welds.

We manufacture the VFT models VFT 500 (pipe diameter 180 – 500 mm) and VFT 900 (pipe diameter 340 – 900 mm).


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