The same transport routes apply to pipes as to most other goods. They are loaded onto vehicles at the pipe mill, unloaded at the customer’s premises, and possibly reloaded there to be distributed along the route.

Lifting using conventional mechanical load handling devices has several disadvantages: On the one hand, the pipes have to be looped around with belts, which is unfavourable in terms of personnel costs, work safety and the time required for this. On the other hand, every lifting operation puts a strain on the pipe coating.

The Vacuvietz vacuum lifting device was developed to lift goods – especially pipes – by vacuum. For this purpose, the Vacuvietz must be used with a suction pad that matches the weight and diameter of the pipe. The operator places the Vacuvietz with the suction pad on top of the pipe and activates the suction process via the radio remote control. The unit evacuates the area between the suction pad and the pipe surface in a few seconds, depending on the pipe size, thus ensuring that the pipe can be lifted.



We have designed our suction pads in such a way that they can be changed quickly and easily. In this way, one machine can be used effectively for several pipe sizes.

Depending on the version, the vacuum pump of the Vacuvietz is driven by an electric motor or an internal combustion engine. Even in the event of a motor failure, the system is safe and maintains the vacuum for sufficient time to set the pipe down safely.

The vacuum lifting device can be equipped with one or two lifting lugs for operation with a crane or with a hydraulic rotary motor and connector for use with an excavator. The operator of this hoisting machine can control the functions of the Vacuvietz from its cab. For this purpose, the machine is equipped with clearly visible indicator lights and a manometer that can also be read from a distance.

The Vacuvietz is available in up to four versions with different load capacities (12, 16, 20 and 25 t).

With the appropriate suction pads, other goods, such as pre-cast concrete parts, can also be lifted with the machine.


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