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Pipelines must be laid to suit the terrain and change direction to accommodate obstacles or the route. Pipes with a corresponding bend are required for this purpose. Only in very special cases factory-fabricated pipe bends are used for this. Rather, it is customary to cold-bend straight pipes in accordance with the specifications. Our pipe bending machines cover pipes with outside diameters between 2″ and 64″.

All of our bending machines allow for use on different pipe sizes by using insert bending sets. The pipe size ranges of our machines are deliberately designed to overlap to allow the customer to select the machine best suited to his/her usual projects.

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Our bending machines produce pipe bends with a minimum radius of 40 times the pipe diameter (40 x D) by means of uniform bending steps at a defined distance.

For pipe sizes between 2″ and 12″ we offer bending tables where the bending is carried out in horizontal direction by means of a single hydraulic cylinder.

Vertical bending machines are available from pipe size 6″. Each of these has several hydraulic function groups, the interaction of which generates bending of the pipe.

With Vietz bending machines, bending takes place with adjustable individual pressures per function group in a defined sequence of movements of the respective hydraulic cylinders. In this way, the machine can be ideally adjusted to the material properties and wall thicknesses of the pipes to be bent.

Vertical bending machines are available with standard insert sets for conventionally coated (PE, PP) pipes and with special bending sets with plastic strips, as used for thin-layer epoxy pipe coatings. From machine sizes 6″ – 24″ all bending machines are equipped with hydraulic connections for a mandrel, which supports the pipe wall from the inside during the bending process.

Our product range in the area of bending

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Small Bending Machines

The machine, equipped with suitable bending sets, can be used for pipes from 6” (DN150) to 24” (DN600).

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Medium Bending Machines

The various medium bending machines by Vietz have four hydraulic function groups each.

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Large Bending Machines

Some of the hydraulic function groups of large bending machines are equipped with additional cylinders.

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A pipe bending machine exerts up to several hundred tons of pressure to cold-bend the pipe. Especially with thin-walled pipes, this can lead to unintentional deformation of the pipe in the area of the bend. The pipe becomes oval or dents form. Where this cannot be tolerated, for example to avoid fluid-mechanics issues, a mandrel is used.

The mandrel is placed at the location of the bend inside the pipe and hydraulically clamped. During bending, buffers support the pipe wall and assist in the bending process.

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