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    Technical specification - Arcobil (EN)

Inverter welding units with compressor type Arcobil

Pneumatic tools have many advantages on construction sites. Unlike electrical power tools, they do not involve the risk of an electric shock in the event of a fault. They can also be used without problems in areas of increased electrical hazard – for example in pipe trenches. Compressed air can also be used for other tasks such as blowing out, cleaning or to perform pressure tests.

With the Arcobil series, Vietz offers the possibility of welding with modern inverter technology as well as generating compressed air on site via an integrated screw compressor. Our customers can choose between the compact Arcobil 3 EVO and the powerful Arcobil 4, which enables parallel operation of all components.

Both versions can be adapted to the needs of the respective customer with a variety of optional components.

Technical data:

Arcrobil 3 EVOArcobil 4
EngineLombardini (Kohler) LDW 2204 TurboKohler KDI 2504 TCR
Engine power at 1.500 rpm133 kW47 kW
GeneratorSincro FB2Sincro IB4 SASincro IB 4 SB
Power19 kVA22,9 kVA27,5 kVA
Voltage400 V400 V
Current27,4 A33 A39,2 A
Frequency50 Hz50 Hz
Welding inverterCellstar 350 puls PWS
Welding current setting rage10 … 350 A
35% duty cycle350 A
60% duty cycle310 A
100% duty cycle230 A
Idling voltage95 V
CompressorRotorcomp EVO3Rotorcomp EVO 6
Feed volumes2,5 m3/ min4 m3/ min
Operating pressure8 bar8 bar
Stationary version
Dimensions1.550 x 750 x 1.040 mm
Weight660 kg
Mobile version, height-adjustable drawbarbrakedbraked
Dimensions2.930 x 1.190 x 1.315 mm3.930 x 1.630 x 1.460 mm
Weight720 kg1.520 kg

Impressions of Acrobil 3

Impressions of Acrobil 4