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External Line-up Clamps (ELC)

An external line-up clamp (ELC) is placed over the joint of two pipes and exerts mechanical force on both pipe ends to minimise edge offset.

The ELC is designed as a double ring with adjustable centring bridges and can be opened for easier handling. The mechanical force for the centring process is supplied by a hydraulic cylinder which exerts a pressure of up to 5 t via a hand lever.

Alternatively, a 10 t cylinder with foot pump can be supplied.

Vietz external pipe centring systems are available in medium-duty and heavy-duty versions. In the medium-duty version, the double ring is made of round pipe whilst in the heavy version, flat material is used.

The centring bridges are each shaped in such a way that a welding of the root layers of up to 90 % is possible.

Outer pipe centrings DN 300 – DN 1400

Medium-duty versionHeavy-duty version
InchDNPipe outer diameterWeight*Article numberWeight*Article number
12300323,9 mm26,6 kg4051052,1 kg40103
14350355,6 mm37,1 kg4051153,6 kg40104
16400406,4 mm38,1 kg4051256,6 kg40105
18450457,0 mm39,1 kg4051359,1 kg40106
20500508,0 mm42,1 kg4051466,6 kg40107
21530533,0 mm42,6 kg40514A
22550559,0 mm43,1 kg4051567,6 kg40107A
24600610,0 mm45,1 kg4051672,1 kg40108
26650660,0 mm51,1 kg4051779,6 kg40109
28700711,0 mm52,1 kg4051883,6 kg40920
30750762,0 mm53,1 kg4051986,6 kg40921
32800813,0 mm53,6 kg4052089,1 kg40922
34850864,0 mm54,6 kg4052191,6 kg40923
36900914,0 mm55,6 kg4052294,6 kg40924
38950965,0 mm57,1 kg4052397,1 kg40925
4010001.016,0 mm57,6 kg4052499,6 kg40926
4210501.067,0 mm64,6 kg40524A102,6 kg40926A
4411001.118,0 mm65,6 kg40525105,1 kg40927
4611501.168,0 mm66,6 kg40525A114,1 kg40927A
4812001.220,0 mm67,6 kg40526117,1 kg40928
5213001.321,0 mm69,6 kg40527122,6 kg40929
5614001.420,0 mm77,1 kg40528129,6 kg40930

* Weight including 5 t cylinder (7.7 kg) and clamping device (4.9 kg)