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Butt Welding Machines

VIETZ offers you butt welding machines from well-known German manufacturers.

The Manual line comprises butt welding machines for PE, PP and PVDF pipe connections in 12 different sizes, covering all pipe dimensions from OD 40 mm to OD 1600 mm. The scope of delivery includes the basic machine, hydraulics/control as well as planer and heating element in an easy-to-carry storage case.

Due to the complete range of pipe clamping inserts, the machines are suitable for all nominal pipe sizes. All manual machines also allow reliable and complete recording of welding and traceability data for each weld in just a few simple steps. The SPG 2.0 recording system can be placed precisely on the hydraulic unit. The data recorded by the unit can then be processed on a computer with DataWork management software or output to a printer.

For many pipeline constructors, it is essential that the welding of PE pipes is traceable with an ISO report. For this purpose, WeldControl was developed as an interactive automatic hydraulic system, which has already been successfully implemented in a 2nd generation. The machine is supplied with a fully enclosed WeldControl hydraulic system with protection class IP54 for pressures up to 250 bar. Both the heating element and the facer are connected to the WeldControl hydraulic system. Therefore no additional distribution box is necessary!

The WeldControl system combines manual butt welding, automatic control of the heating element temperature and ISO logging in one unit weighing only 38 kg. Component traceability, pipe material, diameter and wall thickness/SDR, all selectable via a highly user-friendly menu. All welding pressures and welding times are calculated by the WeldControl system in accordance with national standards, monitored and shown to the welder on the display. Of course you can also weld “freehand” with the WeldControl in manual mode. All components are covered by the factory warranty.

The CNC ECO line comprises CNC-controlled butt welding machines for PE, PP and PVDF pipe connections. Component tracking data as well as pipe material, diameter and wall thickness and SDR pressure ratings can be selected via highly user-friendly menus. The welding process is carried out automatically by the CNC-ECO 2.0, monitored and documented in the internal memory.

These welding reports can be read out to a PC using the DataWork management software or printed out using a standard PC printer. User access control is particularly user-friendly using RFID technology in the newest generation.