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Check the quality and especially the leak-tightness of pipe connections

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In many cases it is necessary to check the quality and especially the leak-tightness of a pipe connection.

VIETZ supplies you with a wide range of testing equipment for internal pressure testing, for example manual or motor-driven test pumps and plugs. Our pressure testing systems enable you to document the test results.

Of increasing interest is the testing of a pipe weld seam from the outside by means of a vacuum test pump and corresponding vacuum inspection frame. In this way, leaks can be quickly and easily detected without having to apply pressure to pipe sections or inspect seams using the X-ray method. Butt welds, fillet welds, overlap welds and weld-on socket seams can be checked for sealing tightness. The vacuum test frames are made of transparent Makrolon and, in conjunction with the leak detection liquid, enable visual location of a fault without special expertise. With suitably shaped vacuum test frames, the seams of pipes welded together can be checked in a few steps.

Of course we also offer you gas detectors as part of your personal protective equipment or for clearance measurement of construction section.

The VIETZ control service case has proven its worth as a support for welding supervisors

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